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Prostate carcino

Prostate Carcinogenesis (PC)

Lead by Siti Nazmin Saifudin

Collaboration – USM Eng Campus
The main research interest of ASG is to elucidate the actual mechanism of prostate carcinogenesis using food carcinogen. We able to demonstrate prostate carcinogenesis via In Vitro Model and In Vivo analysis. ASG dreams to gain a new biomarker for Prostate Disease. .. E.g Benign Prostate Hyperplasia & Prostate Cancer and develops the Diagnosis Kit

Mouthwash Formulation (MF)

Lead by Farah Anis

Industrial Linkage:
MediGcare Sdn Bhd

Grant: USM Short Term Grant (40K)
PRGS Grant (215K)
Our team in ASG attempt to produce an anticancer mouthwash from plants in a simple way. Currently we are formulating AsperSmileTM as a new mouthwash with cancer chemopreventive effect

Streblus asper (SA) as new Cancer Chemopreventive Agent

Lead by Usaid

Industrial Linkage:
MediGcare Sdn Bhd

Grant: USM Short Term Grant (40K)
FRGS Grant (144K)
ASG has taken an initiative to find another way to reduce or prevent cancer progression using local plant, such as Streblus asper (Kesinai plant). ASG already patented its cancer chemopreventive activity
Paddy waste

Paddy Waste product for Prostate Diseases (PWP)

Lead by Mogana Das

Industrial Linkage:

USM Research University Grant (243K)
ASG keen on using the paddy waste product as an alternative medicine for prostate disease. It also will create a new important value for the agricultural industries


Stingless Bee Honey Product for Prostate Diseases (SBH)

Lead by Hafiz

Industrial Linkage:
Community Innovative Center, USM.
ASG will try their best to develop the honey product as medical grade bio-health product especially for prostate disease

Molecular Analysis of Earthworm and Turtle Eggs (EATE)

Lead by Mogana Das
ASG interested to study the carcinogenesis activity using earthworm as a model. We are at an early stage investigating the related tissue of earthworm

Turtle eggs
ASG tries to explore the characteristic of the turtle egg and its use in biotechnology

Phytochemical analysis and its anti-cancer properties of uncommon herbs (PUH)

Lead by Usaid
ASG tries to explore the anti-cancer properties of uncommon herbs or not much popular in Malaysia e.g. Belalai Gajah, Kucing Galak, Miang Mexico, Kelapa Muda, Rama-Rama, African tree and others using In Vitro and In Vivo models

Heavy Metal Toxicology (HMT)

Lead by Farah Anis
Heavy metal such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and isocyanates is a carcinogenic agents which are commonly found in soil. ASG tries to develop the database of heavy metal profile in the clinical sample of the community

Biosafety and Effectiveness Assessment (BEA)

Lead by AP Dr Azman Seeni
ASG has established the In Vivo Carcinogenecity Assessment for the biohealth product as well for the biomaterial product. Via Contract Research of Tox-path Service Unit ( Tox-pSU) activity ASG able to provide the biosafety and effectiveness assessment for the industries partner